Gold Standard 3-Pack

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Gold Standard 3-Pack

Learn all about the history of monetary policy and the prescription for solving the impending money crisis with this 3-pack of titles. Included are The True Gold Standard, Paperback Edition, Money and the Coming World Order, and the brand new Money, Gold, and History.

The True Gold Standard
No perfect monetary system can be fashioned in this imperfect world, peopled by imperfect human beings. But the natural monetary properties of the true gold standard developed by supple and subtle institutional mechanisms through centuries of observation and experience provide the world trading system with the least imperfect domestic and international monetary system. Such a system best enables that fragile reed known as civilization to endure.

Money and the Coming World Order
Almost four decades ago, during America’s worst economic period since the Great Depression–David P. Calleo, Harold Van B. Cleveland, Charles P. Kindleberger and Lewis E. Lehrman wrote the first edition of this book in 1976. Now, in 2012, one is tempted to quote the inimitable Yogi Berra: “this is déjà vu all over again.” The four essays by each contributor with a new foreword and afterword by Lewis E. Lehrman details how American and world prosperity depend on monetary reform, Federal Reserve reform, and restoration of international monetary order.

Money, Gold, and History
In Money, Gold, and History, Lewis E. Lehrman raises three questions:

1) Will the perennial global monetary crisis and the century-old age of inflation still be underway a generation from now?
2) Will the global economy have succumbed to national rivalries, mercantilism, financial disorder, and entropy?
3) Or, will monetary order have been restored by the leading nations of the world in their own self-interest?